Stephen Cole

Ever since I can remember I've been in awe of the beauty of nature and also the images of that beauty captured by photographers on film and now with digital cameras.  Those photos have allowed me to experience places that I may never have the opportunity to visit.

One day I woke up and felt inspired to pick up a "real" camera, an SLR with interchangeable lenses, and begin creating my own photos.  I now find myself traveling around the country in search of the aesthetically pleasing as well as technically impeccable image, and my pursuit of the art of photography has brought me to places I've never been before.

After starting with 35 mm film which I developed at home, I quickly fell in love with the art of photography. Since then my photos have consistently improved over time and I've moved to a full frame 35 mm digital camera for 99% of what I shoot, although you'll catch me with an AE-1 loaded with a roll of Fuji on occasion. I sure don't miss the chemicals and dust spots associated with the development of film.  I also like the vastly increased image quality of digital cameras.

My goal is simply to enjoy photography and to create pleasing images. I also strive to continuously improve.  Eventually I intend to learn to shoot all genres of images and in the process create a portfolio of a variety of photos of different subjects that are enjoyable to view. 

I hope you enjoy some of my photos. Most of the originals are in high resolution suitable for large prints and are typically in the range of 30-80 megapixels although the photos displayed on the website are all much lower in resolution to allow quick loading of the pages and to discourage "borrowing".  The originals are quite large files and highly detailed.  If you desire to own a copy of the original of any of my photos or to license a photo for commercial use, please contact me.

Feedback is always appreciated. See my contact page for comments, feedback, or questions.

Thank you for visiting!

Stephen Cole